Be a Better Guide

Member Training Day

June 10, 2023

There's no better or more enjoyable way to get ready for this year's season than MASKGI's Training-Day.   The 2023 program will provide instruction and hands-on practice under the guidance of world class instructors!  We'll finish up the day with a gear-swap and some food, drink and socializing as we look forward to another year of paddling on some of America's greatest waters.  Remember to bring a chair for the BBQ.  

Sign-ups for individual classes/instructors will take place during registration.

Lunch will not be provided, so bring something you can eat on the go.  Attendees are required to provide all necessary equipment*, including boats, PFDs, paddles and cold water clothing. To make the training more realistic, plan to bring all the gear and equipment you'd have when guiding.  Water temps in June are still on the cold side. You need to be prepared to be immersed for extended periods of time; Dress appropriately.

This is a member only event.  Join MASKGI today.

* Rental equipment, including boats and wetsuits,  may be available through some of our outfitter members.  Please check the Guide-Search on the home page to locate members who offer rental equipment.  

When: Saturday June 10


Registration starts 9:00

Gear Swap Starts at 4:30

Dinner starts 5:00PM

Where: Colonial Pemaquid

Who: MASKGI Members Only

Cost: $70/person

$60/per for ACA Members


2023 Classes

Guiding Fundamentals

Spend the day refreshing your guiding skills in preparation for the season.  The class starts in calm water covering basic rescues, then moves out to find some dynamic water for more challenging practice.  

Advanced Guide Training

Scenario-based class covering all manners of rescues, improvised boat repairs, medical events, emergency signaling, and more.  Geared towards guides who are comfortable in dynamic water and have had formal rescue training in the past.

2023 Instructors

The price includes a day of instruction followed by a bar-b-que picnic.  You will never see these type of classes offered by instructors of this level for a price this low!   This amazingly low price is only possible through the generosity of our instructors and their commitment to building Maine's professional guide community.   

Michael Daugherty

ACA L4 Open Water Instructor 

Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide

Based in Stonington, Maine, Michael Daugherty has guided and taught sea kayaking and guide training for multiple outfitters since 2010, most recently for his own company, Sea Kayak Stonington. He enjoys teaching all levels of paddlers. He’s also written about his paddling experiences on his long-running blog and in magazine articles.  He’s the author of AMC's Best Sea Kayaking in New England and Upwest & Downeast: Meandering the Maine Coast by Sea Kayak 

Nate Hanson

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Coach, BCU  4-Star Sea Leader

ACA L5  Advanced Open Water Instructor

L4 Open Water Instructor Trainer

L4 Whitewater Kayak Instructor

Registered Maine Guide

Nate Hanson's enthusiasm for kayaking is hard to hide. With an encouraging teaching style, he enjoys helping students discover new possibilities in a sea kayak, working with each individual to attain his or her own personal paddling goals - whether that's surfing a tide race, or simply getting into a boat without tipping over. The owner of Pinniped Kayak, Nate spends most of his time teaching and paddling on the waters surrounding Acadia National Park in Downeast Maine, though the sport of sea kayaking has also brought him around the globe to the coasts of Chile, Croatia, Scotland and more. Nate is proud to be a Team Paddler for P&H Custom Sea Kayaks.

Kevin Beckwith

British Canoeing(BC) L3 Coach

British Canoeing 5 Star Sea Leader

ACA L5 Advanced Open Water Instructor

Registered Maine Guide

Kevin Beckwith is the owner and operator of Rock, Paddle, Surf Kayak Coaching.  He is a British Canoeing certified coach and American Canoe Association certified instructor.   Kevin emphasizes the complete kayaking experience in his coaching,  encouraging learners to play, laugh, and have fun on their adventure.   His learner-centered, inclusive approach to coaching motivates kayakers to redefine their limits in a fun, safe and supportive environment. 

Robin Read

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Coach 

BCU  4-Star Sea Leader

It’s very possible that some of the best moments of my life have taken place in a sea kayak. I feel that when I’m on the water, I’m infinitely inspired to see, learn and connect more with the world around me. My coaching journey began as a kayaking guide and sometime instructor on New York’s Hudson River in 2012. The experience was richly rewarding, but the desire to expand my paddling horizons was strong…so to the ocean I went (on countless road trips). Beginning with the New England coast (RI, MA, CT, ME), I developed sea kayaking skills with the guidance of insightful and generous coaches; I also found inspiration and a deep sense of camaraderie through adventures with inspiring peer paddlers. ACA and British Canoeing certifications were achieved along the way, especially as I traveled further afield to paddle in the challenging waters of Wales and Baja. Happily, I now find myself living in Mid-Coast Maine, where I hope to enrich my journey even further in the dynamic waters that surround me. As a Sea Kayak Coach, my goal is to inspire and empower paddlers to build upon their inherent strengths and wisdom to learn, grow and move forward, on their own paths and timelines, with confidence and passion.