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Island HoppingWelcome to MASKGI and to the rocky, forest-lined shores of Maine! With more coastline than California (over 3,400 miles), innumerable bays, coves, inlets, and beaches, Maine offers kayakers a dream come true. Likewise, with frigid waters even in the summer, fog, huge tide ranges, and pronounced ocean currents, Maine is a challenging paddling environment. It's no wonder that Maine has an active, vigorous program for licensing sea kayak guides!


The Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides and Instructors (MASKGI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising professional standards for those guiding and teaching sea kayaking on the Maine Coast. We work closely with Federal, state, and local agencies to improve the safety of the paddling industry. Whether you're a Mainer, or a visitor, when paddling the coasts of Maine, for your safety and enjoyment - plan to use a knowledgeable guide. And MASKGI is the place to come to find competent, well-seasoned sea kayaking guide services. Look under 'Outfitters', or check our 'Member' listings to obtain a licensed sea kayak guide for your trip.

Joining MASKGI

There are many reasons for joining MASKGI.

If you are are a registered Maine Kayak guide or outfitter you will be joining a community of professional kayakers. You will be able to assist in establishing safety and environmental practices for Maine paddlers. You will be able to participate in MASGKI sponsored training clinics at reduced rates and you will be able to apply for our new SCHOLARSHIPS.

MASKGI members can list special events on our website's CALENDAR or share information on our FACEBOOK page. Perhaps the most important reason for joinig MASKGI is the opportunity to meet with other kayaking guides to share knowledge, experience, and the love the sport.

MASKGI offers a FREE one year honorary membership to all newly licensed Maine Sea Kayak Guides.

MASKI members are expected to adhere to highest ethical, safety and environmental STANDARDS.

If you share our values, we welcome your support and urge you to CONTACT MASKGI .

Safety First and Foremost

Putting-In! MASKGI's #1 goal is safe paddling. If you are new to sea-kayaking, don't have all of the safety equipment you will need, or are unfamiliar with Maine waters, we strongly advise you to go out with a guide.

Paddle accidents happen fast - you will have a lot more fun knowing that you are in safe hands.

There are a few simple rules all paddlers should follow, whether paddling in Maine or not:

Below are links to marine weather, ocean temperature data, and current tide for the Maine coast. Make sure to check them before every trip. If you need assistance, contact one of our members! For more information on cold water and considerations for cold weather paddling, look on our Safety page.